All Events Are Special

Bon Cafetit provides espresso bar catering for events of any size & type. Our unrivaled flexibility allows us to match any event’s budget, theme, & special requests.

We all WANT our special events to be just that: SPECIAL! But wanting & succeeding are two different things. When you want to leave a special impression on your guests, you can’t just think you did, you must KNOW. Serving coffee in a box & catered food just doesn’t cut it when you want to entertain your most loved ones, impress your top clients, or treat special guests. Only with BonCafetit! you can be sure your guests experience a truly extraordinary & memorable event. 

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Your Guests Are Special

If your guests are special, then your event should be special. At Bon Cafetit, we live & think outside the cardboard coffee box. We come from a world of first- class hospitality, beauty, & quality. With Bon Cafetit, your special events are made complete. Our goal is to ensure that your guests know you put time & consideration to treat them to a truly special experience.

We’re not just talking about the delicious after taste we leave in their mouths. We’re talking about the lasting memories we build in their minds.

Contact us today & let us treat you to a cup of our richly roasted coffee & a free consultation on how we can help you make your life’s next special moment into a truly special event.

Bon Cafetit! All your coffee treats made complete!

Want to know how we can help with your next event? For pricing, availability or if you just have a question please feel free to contact us.

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